ARAM and the Logic behind it

So how "random" is ARAM anyway?I truly would never know cause Im not that smart to break it down this far in mathematics but Im sure that its not that random after all.I've been wondering,how come I always see some sort of 4 AP champions and one AD bruiser/tank on the enemy or my team?Im gonna give a weird answer to that which has no actual based facts about it,but I think that you get matched with people that won or lost their previous game with champions of the same "Tier" as your champion from your last game.Now what do I mean by Tier?I think that there are some Tiers in which champions are in. Lets say the top tier or as I like to call it "God Tier" are the midlane AP champions (Lux,Syndra,Veigar,Zilean,Kayle) and Jayce,you most likely see them in every ARAM game. The second one is the "Shaco Tier" or "Teemo Tier" it depends on which one of those 2 champions the Devil is disguised,usually you can win the Devil by having Oracle but thats an item of ancient times and its now forgoten. The third one is "Medium Tier" where you see champions like Xin Zhao,Blizt,Twitch,Draven,champions that might be good depending on the enemy team's champions. The fourth and most common is the "WTF RITO? Tier" where you get to play with some freaking useless mothertrucker that will make you wish you never even touched ARAM in your life.Champions of such Tier are Camille,Aatrox,Ivern,Kalista,Rek'Sai,Singed,Talon,Udyr. Finally the fifth is the "Anti-mage Tier" commonly known as "oh great and I thought we had a good team" Tier.In this glorious Tier youll find the tankiest motherluckers in the world that somehow manage to deal more damage than your entire team,such champions are Galio,Rammus,MaoKai,Malphite,Shyvana,Mundo. So if you had a God Tier champion youll get the WTF RITO in your next game or something totally useless for sure. ---------------------------------------------------- Now lets talk about Rerolls. We all know that no matter how many rerolls you have you cant take a champion that is already taken from your or the enemy team. Now that means that its impossible for you to take 10 champions out of what 119?That leaves us with 109 champions for the system to "randomly" choose.The thing is that 30% of the time if you reroll twice youll get the same champion as you first did and the champion between will be of the same Tier or worse with the one you had.Ok there is also a rare chance to get something like Ezreal or w/e. ---------------------------------------------------- "ARAM Accounts" Also Im sick and tired of the guys who create accounts having 10 champions that are good for ARAM and spam them.We cant really do much about it cause its totally legit to do that,but if you are one of those maggots please heal yourself. Leave comments down below of your thoughts about the subject,or talk about how unfair ARAM is. Note to self:Dont post at 4am nobody is gonna see this shit.
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