What do you think about Veigar E?

Hey Community, just wanted to hear your Opinion about Veigar E. Now with Glacial Augment and the Slow Meta I for myself think, it's really frustrating to play against Veigar. The thing that is frustrating for me, is that, even if Veigar doesn't really hit his E instantly you're either forced to walk around it with most Champions, or you are forced to dodge everything inside it and you're caught in it for a PRETTY decent time. The maximum of the Stun Duration is 2,5 seconds, but the Duration of the Skill already is 3 Seconds, which is taking forever. I honestly dont got a Problem about him one shooting people or sth. but the Stun makes it hard to catch up to him, since he can freely move and get some sprace done during the E Duration. Also nearly every Mage is getting these 40-45% Cdr, which means your E got a total Cooldown on max level of 14 Seconds => 8,4 Second CD with 40% CDR Which means: E Use: 0,5 Second Create+3 Second Duration= 3,5 Second from CD => 8,4 - 3,5 = 4,9 Seconds Real Cooldown. I think they should just nerf the E Duration and not the Stun Duration, so you're not caught forever in it or you can atleast catch up on veigar if he just places it between him and yourself, that would already change alot, so you can atleast punish him harder for doing mistakes. Greetings Lîmitless
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