Why new champions aren't played frequently

I mean the only champion I see frequently from the newer ones are Ekko and maybe Jhin. The story with every new champ is starting to be the same: thaey are played a lot right after release, get nerfed to ground, never seen again. How often do you see Tham, Kindred, Thalia, Aurelion, Bard, Azir, Reksai, Kalista? Why is it I see Katarina, Zed, Yasuo, Gnar, Vayne, Trist, Thresh, Lee, Darius almost every game? Are new champions not considered that fun anymore or they really got nerfed too hard because of their kit? Will the same happen to Ivern? I think yes, people will realise that he doesn't deal that much dmg or make LCS moves so thay can't carry with him. And players love high dmg champs!
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