New Player or Experienced Player Options

for everyone who makes a account you start at level 1 and you got to make yourself to the top but if your new its hard to learn the mechanics of the game so why not add a New Player or Experienced Player option bcs i know how the game works i dont want to be in a game with new players they will play bad and ur gonna lose So if your a new player your stuck with ppl who also are new If you know how the game works your gonna get ppl who also choose that option and if you click on new player and you play very well, you automaticly get send to the experienced players. you also can give your rank to them or choose unranked if you dont have a rank if ur bronze ur gonna be with ppl who are bronze this makes the matchmaking a bit more fun bcs if smurfs click on unranked and they are plat they automiticly get sent to experienced people
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