When Kha'Zix will be adressed?

Ok that has ended up pretty meme in lol: Popular champs in competitive play as well as champions that no one plays in solo queau, but that one game they get raped by them and go on redit and cry as well as complain how annoying these champions are, always get completely destroyed by riot consistently every patch without people even having the time to enjoy them in solo queau(for example: tahm kench, full ap malphite, ryze, galio e.t.c). However champions that aren't consistant and reliable picks in competitive play, but extremely popular in solo queau and no one complains about them, no matter how disgusting they are to play against due to meta shifts or buffs, they never get nerfed, instead they get buffed so that they get even more attention and become even more frostreighting to play against in ranked games. A mega example of this is kha'zix• within the past 2 years in league this champion is annoying like zed and yasuo put together and much more consistant than them in solo queau, yet he only receives buff after buff. The damage on this q and passive is too damn high and when he snowballs and has evolved q,e and r, there is no counterplay due to the insane mobility and escapes. He's the only tanky assasin in late game(too high base hp and hp per level for an assasin) and his isolation damage, with a couple of lethality(due to the spammable nature of q), can even beat a tank like malphite 1v1. Now that he's meta, he feels freakishly broken mostly due the 2.6 AD RATIO on that evovled isolation dmg q. I know that probably a bunch of c****rous r***rded kids that main kha'zix are going to fume on this post and try to convince u not to nerf him, but also maybe buff him. Don't listen to them just revert those damage q buffs, u did, a couple of patches ago, nerf cd on q and base hp and hp per level and he will still be more than viable. Actually can u remove him from the jungle and make him a mid laner at least he won't get free farm in some match ups like he does in the jungle, cause noone invades kha'zix in solo queau. Make q deal reduced dmg to monsters. Nerfs: Revert patch 8.6 changes, nerf cd on late game on evolved q, nerf base hp and hp per level. Rekt him. DO SOMETHING! The game has become boring because of him! Tank meta was boring, assasin meta as well! Both last a really long time.
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