Badges/Honor crests - the forgotten achievement

Hi, everyone. So, most of you will probably agree that having any badge is quite an achievement. And with badges I mean Honorable opponent, Great teammate, Great mentor and Great leader. Red one is pretty uncommon, others are far, far more rare. But those badges are getting pretty much neglected. There is nothing anyone got from it apart from a nice feeling. But in a new champ select those badges **aren't even visible**, so you won't even get that nice feeling. Why? If you once implemented those badges, and if you implemented them like an ultimate achievement and something you get for being really, really nice player, you should at least make them visible so we can boast with them. The small greenish thing on a top of your loading picture won't even get seen by anyone probably. Don't take me wrong, I really like the new champion select etc. It's just this thing that makes me a little bit upset. Come on - badges are something to be proud of. Make them worth it, Riot, please. Thank you for reading. _(Yeah I know I'm reposting this, but my original thread was read by like 25 people, no one caring about it. Gotta give it one more try.)_
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