At what elo does inting settle down.

Hi guys, I just hit Silver IV last night. I recurrent theme I'm noticing in most of my games in this elo is that there is nearly always one person who is getting steamrolled. I'm not going to say that this person is always on my team because that is not true - it just feels like that because I tend to remember the truly horrific games more than the ones that go smoothly. The climb from Bronze IV to Silver 4 has been thrilling to say the least - every game there will be a player on one of the teams that goes 0/5+ within the first 10 minutes. As such the matches at present seem less about which team is better, and more about which team has the player who will int faster. Thus snowballing the enemy and forcing a loss. I haven't played in Silver yet - I'll have my first match tonight and I am just hoping that I don't encounter this player that is totally out of their depth on either team. Is this something that remains prevalent throughout the leagues or do the games settle down eventually as you climb? I often watch higher elo streamers and it just seems like there are fewer deaths/kills overall - the game is more about objectives/planning and less about 'hey, we fought them and killed their jgl/supp - let's chase the rest of their team through the jungle and take no objectives with our clear advantage) I personally can't wait until the deaths in my games are down to calculated plays, and one-off mistakes rather than player A being 10x better at the game than player B - and yet both being in Bronze IV. This issue in particular irritates me because I am not the best player - but I do know how to play relative to my lane - If I am winning I will try to snowball, take rift, take turrets etc. If I am losing, I will hug my turret - I will farm until I am relevant in mid/late game. Usually I can keep my deaths below 3 in a 35-40 minute game. So, when I see someone going 0/9 in 10 minutes I become frustrated because there is a big difference between losing lane and inting, and dying 10 times in 10 minutes is inting.

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