Master Yi

"-Hey, lets make a melee adc. -Sure, but we have to give him some advantage, since being melee adc is so impossible. -What did you have in mind? -Oh I dont know, nothing special. Lets make him scale slightly below insanely with attack speed and damage. Also some speed increasing skills. Maybe one that makes it impossible to slow him down aswell. And a heal for survivability. And cooldowns are lame, so drop those down to a minimum. At least half his damage should be true damage. And make him one of the cheapest heroes in the game. Just to make people play him. I would like to throw in a invulnerability aswell.. But I dont want to get rid of any of the other OP spells he has. I mean as long as the player gets some life steal, he could easily tank the whole enemy team under a tower 15 min into the game, so that should compensate it at least a bit." Can someone PLEASE! send me a screen shot of the answer to that pitch!? Who in gods name is responsible for the Master Yi nerf department, and why are they on leave since the last 5 or 6 years? Kind but somewhat frustrated regards, whalebin
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