Massive increase in bot accounts in A.I matches since preseason 10 patch.

Ever since the Preseason 10 patch, the amount of bot accounts who use A.I matches has seemed to have skyrocketed. I use A.I matches for a few games just to learn a brand new champ, so as to not annoy any other players in pvp. But it has got to the point where it is incredibly difficult to learn a new champ properly, when you have bots randomly taking your lanes, and completely abandoning others. It actually becomes impossible to win a game, even on beginner, because opponents are so fed (and are actually well programmed enough to buy acceptable items, unlike these other bots), and you cannot be everywhere at once. Not to mention games are over before you can go full item 1v9. Im not kidding, I just had a match wherein the botlane went completely uncontested and destroyed our inhib in 16 mins, whilst i had a bot jungle trying to solo herald, and 3 bots in mid lane running into turrets. I now experience entire 4 bot teams on the regular; It has never been this bad in the year I have played before the new preseason 10 patch. I have been experimenting with the difficulties, and it seems beginner and intro are by far the worst offenders. I have never lost a beginner difficulty match before the patch and now losing is very much possible. It cant just be me experiencing such a massive surge of bot activity lately?
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