Yasuo rework?

Hello there fellow Yasuo player/hater, I think we all remember riot saying that they were going to balance Yasuo, but ever since that has been said there hasn't been a word on him. It's been a while and well, nothing has changed so far, I am starting to believe now that he isn't a permaban anymore and doesn't see as much play as he used to, Riot has just forgot about him. I am however still wondering about his rework(?) And what my friend and I think would actually balance him, firstly I don't mean that he isn't ballanced, because he is... In some sort of way, he is good if you're new, but he is busted if you know how to play him, and on a champion like Yasuo that shouldn't be the case. People get frustrated playing against Yasuo, because of his windwall, this is probably the one ability that needs some tweaking. I would suggest giving the wind wall either health, or make it so he gives up something to use the windwall, for example his shield, or he can only use his windwall if he has dashed an amount of time. His double crit is fine, except in early he gains too much out of backing once, he can basicly 1v1 anyone in the game if he has a zeal if they're a fighter. There are some exeptions like tryndamere, and fiora but those are basicly the only ones, and I am just wondering how long it'll take to finally fix Yasuo so he's not the most hated champ in league, and he's actually allowed to be played. Comment your opinion about this below, and let me know what you think this has been DeathByFour signing out. {{champion:202}}
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