whats fizz all about,op or what?

why does fizz have the most ban rate in league? https://na.op.gg/statistics/champion/ something wrong with the champ maybe? lets see... fizz kit has magic damage and attack damage also true damage on low health i think escape and invulnerability constant ghost like state (passes through units) one kill is extremely deadly for fizz his snowball potential is absurd attacks make targets bleed and the damage type is MAGIC damage R can make a whole team fight won or loss wasn't their fighter or vanguard champions with things like that like hecarim maybe but they don't have damage enough to wipe a whole team cause that's considered op isn't it? assassins shouldn't have much influence in team fight that's what the assassin rework said yet fizz ulti gives cc and damage enough to wipe a whole team and win a fight isn't that weird he must be good at eliminating ONE target NOT THE WHOLE TEAM if he has normal amount of kills 3 4 mid game maybe? compared to Katarina and her team fight potential she still has no escape but her E and she has low health she can be cced but this fish{{champion:105}} has his Qand E and he can escape anytime fizz escapes are Q E he can use them in fights and choose to do damage or escape or both ,isn't that too much ? drawbacks? i cant see any his kit is obviously overloaded he is being seen a lot in pro play and even without kills his escapes,damage,cc and team fight potential are out of this world something must be done to him a Nerf maybe or small rework something must be done to this fish {{champion:105}}
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