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So, we can all agree {{champion:142}} 's most recent balancing update left her in a pretty bad position, to the point where buffing her even seems essential. But looking at her kit, I firmly believe any number change won't cut it, it will always leave her in a terrible position (whether she's busted or awful). So, I looked at what some competitors (Overwatch mainly) do when a champion just doesn't perform as intended, and got inspired. See, OW proposes what they call champion updates fairly frequently, where they just look at a champion's spells kit, and, well, update it, adding or removing clunky or unwanted mechanics, and not just tweaking numbers. So I had an idea, of a major Kit update to {{champion:142}} , that would, and at the same time wouldn't change the way she's played completely. And yes, I know Overwatch and League are 2 exceedingly different games, but that doesn't mean a good idea in one wouldn't work in the other. So hear me out : The idea I had is : Her W would also be able to drop actual champion spells, not just Summoners, (like {{champion:103}} 's Q or whatnot) with a %chance of it happening every time the enemy uses a spell (a quite low % chance, like 5% tops). To balance that, Summoners would only have a 50% chance of dropping, and Active items a 40% chance. But there's a twist. If Zoe hits a Q with decent range (let us say a solid close-to-max range Q without R or more than 1000 Teemos (League's measurement unit)), this % chance gets doubled. The ratios would pretty much stay the same, meaning that {{champion:142}} would still be in this spot where she doesn't just obliterate you level 2 and onwards, but would leave good {{champion:142}} players much more room to express their skill and adaptivity to the situation. Also why not have creep balloons drop consumables too, so that she doesn't always win lane because she got heal and ignite and you got 30 golds. I had other ideas, but they're probably even more busted than this one, so I'll just wait for you guys' feedback on that idea. TL;DR : Make Zoe's W drop ANY spell shards including enemy champions' spells (like {{champion:115}} ' E for example) instead of just buffing her numbers randomly.
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