Looking for good/playable Support to learn and master. I will send my Lux to holidays...,

**So after like 2 Years of maining lux support, i always haveing the same problems. ** _-If i fail skillshot (and i often do, when i am in "panic-mode" during teamfights) I am useless -If enemy is good in dodgeing skilllshots i am useless -If i go in autoattack range to proc my passive, the enemy ADC punishs me._ So i am thinking about learning a new Champion for the Support role that doesnt feel like a Coinflip if u hit or not. I'd like to play a Female Caster/Ranged Support champion that is not overhyped (picked in like every game), so i can main her and train with her? What are your suggestions, on what i should try? **I was thinking about: **Sona, Morgana (but i dont like the "meele-ultimate"), Kayle (is that even a support?), Janna, Zyra Would be nice if u can help me a bit, and have a nice tipp, what fits to my playstile ^^
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