How does illaoi work?

Thanks for your comments! I now know enough. Stun her in bear stance, then tiger stance her for quick basic attacks to remove my ghost. Running away only when i cant take the damage because im low Yesterday i played as udyr against illaoi. She pulled my soul out of me and i ran out if that circlr (i thought it was like morgana ult?) to prevent dmg. The "under water" effect kicked in. I didnt know tentacles would spawn around me when watered so i recalled in bush and got killed by a spawning tentacle. 2Nd time i had to keep running to prevent this so wasted time by walking instead of b. But the water effect remained till i was halfway back to lane. This is waaay to long? Or does the effect remove manually by doing something like attacking? When i got guinsoos i 100-0 her with losing only 25% hp and took 2 turrets in 1 go But how does that soul pull and water effect work?
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