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Salty *%&*346* (Riot Games Player Support) 24 aug., 9:01 a.m. PDT Hey there, I'm afraid that we've explained as much as we could throughout multiple tickets #37649233 and #37474669 and #37972121 and also you were also warned that further inquiry about this will result in your tickets being closed without a reply and that your support account will be suspended. So I'm afraid that there's nothing more we can explain, our stance won't change and sadly your support account will be suspended indefinitely. Salty 547297 Player Support Specialist "Stone Cold Pocaw!!!" - Me 24 aug., 6:59 a.m. PDT username**36457 IGN:*45768dfsg Well there were some tickets about this case ,but none of them clarify exactly what were exactly the worst thingh in my behaviour , and why i was considered as the one who disrupted the game ,while obvious there were some griefing gameplay , and trollers/griefers harm much more games than someone who is slightly negative as you say , and they not even get detected and punished. that's my problem here , when others grief/troll with much more disrupting behaviour and negative , making others angry ,and making them to lose on purpose , they no suffer punishments until they ain't manually reported ,but when i do say something negative trying to take my game back to normal ,to get my support back in lane , and to make my support to protect me , i am punished for ... , i probably coulded be more angry ,but my experience into this game told me it ain't worth to be angry , in fact i wasn't angry on him , and neither on the fact jax took my red ,but what i ever sayd there is quitly due to lack of experience in talking english perfectly , but the sense and meanins on what ever i wanted to say weren't to be offensive , neither to retaliation , or to do anything to anyone . I had 3 months of clean behaviour , would be stupid for anyone who don't want to reform to push himself in being offensive towards someone who flames him , and grief/troll , i don't care they grief or are toxic , i just wanted my game to win and play normal... , you probably would understand that.. ,as i haven't insulted anyone back , neither took of items build , number of deaths , or anything else as i was having issues in behaviour prior the 14 days ban . There are no longer issues of any kind in my behaviour ,mainly because i worked over not steping into anyone else behaviour , if he trolls/grief or is toxic , is not my buisness , i just focus over my game and then send the report , but that isn't enought for you to understand that i got an account who is tehnical banned 140 years , considering i haven't swear and haven't pushed to be offensive towards someone , just to estomp and prevent others from being toxic/trolling/griefing further more ,which again i apologise , if that was a negative way to act like , i am not perfect , and neither had this kind of issue in past on my behaviour . I play of long time ,since season 3 ,and usually back then when permanent bans haven't exist was a common back psihology to chill people to don't troll if they get angry your games , throught telling them that if they feed there are strong punishments , something like that .. , people tend to stop from pushing into something if they really care about them accounts and no want to be punished... ,is like a remind for them to stay away of that behaviour. ^%*&^&#^%$& (Riot Games Player Support) 23 aug., 10:43 p.m. PDT Hey there, I see that unfortunately, you don't agree with what my colleagues explained in this ticket. Please bear in mind that we are not here to argue with you. For clarification on the rules of the game, please check the following links : You are talking about an account of yours which you got banned 10 months ago. Sadly, I don't see any information about that account in this ticket. Please provide us with the account's username, summoner name and region so we can see what exactly happened and thus can better explain the situation. I see that my colleagues have thoroughly explained how the system works and what type of behavior is not tolerated in the game and thus can get you punished. Since this matter has been fully explained to you, please bear in mind that further inquiries regarding it may be left unaddressed and the ticket closed. Best Regards, Neverla4564789 "Do I get to crush that? Oh, please say yes!"
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