Why is ranked purely win/loss orientated?

So I've been thinking about this new ranked system that's coming into play - where ranks are defined by lane. I feel like this is a change in the right direction, but I think it could be further improved. Someone said to me on these forums that 'This game is team-based but it's ranked system is based on 5 individuals, per team, fighting for themselves'. League is a game where you are forced to play with a ever changing team, the only constant is you - so why is your LP reward based on the overall teams performance - this creates so many variables. Yes, you might be good/bad/whatever but you should be consistent - You might get an S rank every time you play. You might dominate your lane every game. But what if the next game has 2 afk's, and your mid-laner decided to take Leona mid because she's got a cool new lunar skin - you still perform at an S level, you win your lane, but you lose, how could you not? It's essentially 2 v 5. The game ends and the stats screen tells you that you performed admirably, you got an S, you out CS'd every other player, and you're rewarded with a neat little loot box for your efforts. 'You did great!', the game says, as it removes 12/14 LP from your pool. My suggestion, would be to base LP rewards on individual performance in a game - I really think this would solve a lot of the issues with league. For example; You are jungle, you are killing it! you've ganked mid/bot successfully, you're 2/0/1 with a 20cs lead on your opponent jungler, you've also just picked up Dragon! You're top lane Garen however has pushed a level 7 Tryndamere under turret - Tryn is already 1/0/0, his ignite is up, and he has his ultimate. Garen wants to dive and pings for you to help! You know it's a bad call, and you can see the enemy jungler at mid - who's already ahead. You decide to counter gank mid instead. Garen dives anyway, and he dies. He promptly decides to blame you and now he's tilted. The game ends 20 minutes later - you guys scraped a victory. Your score at 32 minutes is 10/1/9 278 cs, and you personally downed 3 turrets and 2 inhibs. You scored an S. Garen's score is 1/11/0, 55 cs, and 0 turrets - he also afk'd for 3 minutes. Garen scored a D. Your bot lane, between them scored an A+ and an S- - Their CS is decent, and they also took turrets. Mid lane ended with an A+ and 180 cs, with 1 inhib, and a nexus turret. Overall - it becomes clear that your team carried Garen - your average performance is much higher than his. As such - you all receive LP, but Garen's performance brought you all down, this suggests that he did not add to the overall victory condition and as such he loses 10 LP. Additionally, the opposing Tryndamere went 9/0/3 with 330 cs, and he took all top turrets, rift herald, and your inhib. He scores an S+ and is the best performing player on his team. He receives LP. The rest of the enemy team are doled out negative/positive LP based on their individual performances as well. In this example - the players who perform well are rewarded, and the players who don't drop down the ranked ladder. Garen is carried by his team but he doesn't benefit purely for being lucky - furthermore, Tryndamere is on the losing team but he won his individual game, so he climbs. I feel that this could eliminate that feeling of 'my team held me back' that Tryn might have felt, and it also rewards the players who forced the win for their team - the only person who might come out pissed off is Garen, but both his performance, and his stats show that he has work to do if he wants to climb. What this means is that if you consistently win your lane - you will climb regardless of the few games when you're paired with people who hard feed, and if you consistently lose your lanes, you will drop to a place better suited to your skill level without bringing the player who goes 10/0/10 with you. This idea would need fine tuning, but I personally feel it's better than what we currently have.
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