The Juggernauts

Well basically, I'm talking about something that everyone knows: The Juggernaut update was too much. Just hear me out... In what way did making Mordekaiser{{champion:82}} 's Q deal 1500 damage, Darius{{champion:122}} getting healed from his Q, Skarner{{champion:72}} being able to move way too fast, and Garen{{champion:86}} dealing literally tons, (thousands) of damage? They are seriously being used just to win, which is what I like least about this community. No one wants to have fun anymore... They think having fun is dealing 2000 damage by pressing a button is fun, but that's a different type of fun: ridiculousness. So i really wish a Riot employee sees this and spreads the word, because oh my god am i tired of getting matched against those champions in ranked, while i try to maintain my morale and not pick them. And yes, I know i could ban them, but why would i let them get a Yasuo or a Katarina just because you made 4 champions really overpowered? Please, The whole League community
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