{{champion:555}} has an amazing feeling as an assassin but he is trapped in a support body. He can only be useful if he hits his q and e. 0 dmg 0 jung prespective. too big cdr. like 15 seconds on q??? really riot? i think he should get more early dmg and a bit of the cdr then we good to go. im playing an assassin and i want to feel like it goddamit. im bored to wait for the right moment to press r ''steal'' the kill and then trying to convince myself that i was useful in the teamfight. Riot... look. You have created an amazing champ with incredible jung/assassin possibilities pls dont ruin it. Just make him an assassin already. i want to play him jung because he suits jung. not support. its like trying to convince me that {{champion:267}} is made for top lane.
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