Why is Yummi a thing

Hello, I just came from a very fustrating game where I almost felt like punching my own PC for how bad this game has become in terms of champion designs. I rarely play botlane, but when I do I try to have fun and do my job.I was playing orianna with my buddy jarvan vs yummi and ezreal. This cat thingy that hovers on an aladin carpet, that in my opinion has nothing to do with the game, because the champion theme and the latest champion's released themes are all so colorful but this one beats it all. I would like to express my feeling about this champion and share some tweaks with a few rioters that might actually help making the game more enjoyable for people that play vs yummi.. Imagine wasting all your mana to poke the enemy laner out of lane and leaving them at half hp and all of a sudden, they heal it all back up because of yummi, imagine how unfun it is. Imagine farming minions and like we are used to do vs champions that have skillshots and stay behind the minions and then Yummi thows her floating Q that is practicly undodgeable and even with only 1 point on the ability, deals over 100 damage. Is this fair? not to talk about the fact that she wastes no mana on doing it and its spammable...Why not just turning it into a skillshot? and not a thing that you can move with your cursor? Where is this bs coming from? Have you even tried to play vs that thing before your released the champion out? Another point is the fact that she can spam In and Out of a champion whenever she wants, she pokes you, comes out, auto, goes in, Q, goes out auto, goes in.. you know how annoying this it? not that talk about the fact that you cant target her.Wouldnt it make more sense if she couldnt go Into an ally champions if she's taking damage? or atleast giving it a decent CD where players could play around and punish her from coming out? And since she's untouchable inside an ally champion why is she even ranged? Sometimes when releasing and champions and seeing that the champion has a poor winrate doesnt mean she needs buffs, it could be that its just a bad champions for league. I like the concept of the champion, I like the fact that you can be attached to an Ally and ult while in but, you got to think that its not fun to play against, it makes the game so unfair and Ill be getting comments like "Ah then why don't you play her?" I dont want to be that guy turning people's days into misery by picking a champ that im unconfortable playing with or against because the champ is just not fair and has little to no room to punish unless the guy she was attached dies.. I really think riot should test and play the champ against eachother several times and see the feedback.. Im giving you guys mine, Yummi is literally Soraka on steroids. Soraka loses health when healing, is squishy, and people's way to punish the champion is by focusing it, now Yummi, the champion heals even more than soraka, is also squishy but rarely is out, loses no health healing, and her E not only heals her but also the champions she's attached to. Now I really would like to know what do people do against that in the late game where the heals are absurd, when you try to focus down for ex. the adc but yummi is attached and Ults and heals and whatever and the adc doesnt die despite making everything possible to kill ? Where is that even fair? I know people should try to punish in lane and not reach later stages but what do you do in lane when you poke and try to push the lane out and the enemies out but she just keeps healing, mana costs are too low, way too much damage on Q that is so easy to land. Please dissable Yummi for a while and re-think some options and tweaks on the champion and release or atleast show the people how you guys could change the champions and minor tweaks. Of course people are going to be unhappy, but thats with every champion that you guys touch, but you also got to think about the majority of people that probably feel the same as I do and rage because the champion is just so unfair and hard to punish. You guys surely had previous versions of the champion that certainly were more balanced. Lets actually get things to work and start fixing stuff instead of shutting your ears and block all feedback coming from players. PS: Red Kayn being able to do full ad and still one shot is not balanced. Diana is hidden broken. {{champion:350}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}} {{item:3642}}

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