Is Kalista a Good Main?

So ok, I'm a bronze 4 ad carry main who has been playing ashe and tristana until she got nerfed in 7.18. She's still good anyway but she is also quite repetitive being a split push aggressive adc. Ashe is the same. Her arrow is so great in low elo because you get free stun on the enemy adc or mid taking them out of the fight, but she doesn't really do loads of damage without three or four items, relying on the support in the laning phase which isn't really the aggressive playstyle I like to play. I thought about draven, but he is really only for the people who are jerks. So, I thought about kalista, a great champion for me or any other bronze players because we cant loose too much elo and we have the time to invest in a new champion. She is also super aggressive and mobile like tristana but aslo has an easy stun in her ultimate which clso can be used as a defensive tool. So to conclude im asking if I should start to play kalista or if I should stick to champions like tristana and 'easily' become a 'god' at those two champions. It be great if I could get some advice from an adc main or even someone who is just higher elo than me. Thanks for your time {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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