About the VS. event and popularity

Hey there, fellow summonners. I kind of wanted to discuss a little "problem" that came with the current VS. event. Riot created an event in which people get to pick the side of either popular champion. I don't think that I will have describe the entire event as I expect the most of you to know how it works. Although it won't affect anything important by a lot, from the beginning of the event it has been quite obvious that Yasuo would win the Icon. If you look at the statistics, Yasuo has quite the lead on Riven player-base wise. From this alone it was quite obvious that we'd get a Chaos icon. Like, the lead is quite massive as he is still the most popular champion in the game and has been so for quite a while now. My second point is that the most popular champion also got the "edgy, dark" theme, which so happens to be more popular. People just tend to think that dark is cooler, which is very understandable. I'm not sure how people are on these boards as I don't visit them very frequently, but just to prevent getting harassed by people that misunderstand my post, I'll state that I indeed play quite a bit of Riven and I chose the Order icon to get the border for the Legendary skin. I also play Yasuo but I only do so when he is no banned, I never plan to play him. (I just pick him so that I don't have to play against him.) and I find him alright to play. I honestly don't really care which side wins, I'm getting a free icon anyway. The point of this post was to share my opinion on how Riot gave us quite an interesting event which is supposed to feel like a "battle between order and chaos" but in reality gave us an event that was already determined from the beginning. I'm fairly sure that Riot was aware of the gap in popularity between the two champions when they worked on it. They gave us a "battle" that had basically already been decided, kind of killing the point of the event. I just hope that Riot will take a better look at these kind of things in the future. I think the concept is great, sadly not executed too well. What's your opinion on this?
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