Zeke's Herald change

I really like the Zeke's Herald but I think it would be really nice with some little change. Let's see what it offers: Stats: 20% cooldown reduction This is what I mainly "dislike" in the item, I mainly buy this as a support and with them to(I think most people too) have 40% CDR is pretty must have thing. Most of the support item gives you CDR and you easily get 20% (preferably 30%) with {{item:3092}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3069}} and {{item:3110}} {{item:3165}} or just other 10% items{{item:3190}} {{item:3222}}. So mainly if you would buy this item you will go overCDR it's pretty sure. I think it's a nice idea to reduce it to 10% and give that power somewhere else. With Bruisers you mainly go {{item:3110}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3065}} so this change could offer them also some other power while not buying more than 40% CDR. 250 health Since this item mainly for supports and bruisers it's offers very little health, maybe there can be added a little for the -10% CDR. Aura: 20 attack damage It's kinda low for a bruiser and not really important for supports, yeah you buy this item for a bit defensive lifesteal as bruiser, but I think with some little bonus AD on stat eg.: +10 would be really nice for bruisers. It's really not offers anything for supports, but it can be solved if the aura stays however only for allies not for you and give it a little passive that deals +X physical/magical damage on auto attacks & single target non-dot spells. That way the item would offer damage for supports and bruisers at the same time. 10% life steal Nice stat for auto attack reliant bruisers, offers nothing to supports. And here we go the other really bad thing that the build path {{item:3067}} +{{item:1053}} = {{item:3050}} is horrible for support mainly because of {{item:1053}}. With changing the lifesteal to something that {{champion:98}}'s Q does on hit, giving health regen based on your AD or on the carrier's heath points( like {{champion:98}} Q), would allow to maybe change {{item:1053}} to {{item:3801}}+ {{item:1036}} . That should be a much better build path for supports, but a bit less satisfying for bruisers till you get the item( I think most people don't really know health regen usefullness untill they see the health regen's green numbers, and if they buy that item they'll just saying it's meh, lifesteal is more reliable and spectacular ). These are my main thoughts on the item, share your ideas too :)
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