My rant about the ranked solo/duo system (just my personal opinion, take this with a grain of salt.)

Hello there, fellow Summoners I am aware that I'm not the first smart-ass posting something like this, but neither will I be the last person to do so. However, I will strive to list solid arguments and make this letter worth reading. [Intro] I've been playing this game rather frequently for 4 years now, making me believe that I have a decent understanding of how ranked games are being played. Currently all of us are dealing with the division system, provisionals, promos, two role selection, and the notorious autofill system. Every ranked player is familiar with all this, but have you never considered a more exciting, simple, and talent-fostering structure to play the most competitive queue of this videogame in? Well I have and so did others. These ideas seem unoriginal, weird and blunt at first glance but I can assure you there is no doubt in my mind that these changes will make this game more enjoyable for competitive players and viewers alike. 1, We ought to bring back the elo system, instead of the current divisions Okay, everybody knows it's more exciting to climb tiers, divisions, and just gain up to 100 LP. The human mind loves all these small benefits after winning a few games, as opposed to climbing an infinite mountain full of arbitrary numbers. - Nevertheless does ranked get increasingly demotivating when your MMR is considered too low for the division you sneaked in (awful LP gains). Resulting in poor progress and leaving you dry for the remaining season. - Furthermore this system doesn't show how highly ranked you exactly are relative to the same people around your rank (hidden MMR). The concept of a Silver 1 90 LP player having a higher MMR than one of those Gold V 0 LP players is unacceptable in my opinion. - Heck Riot could even fix the absence of small benefits by providing rewards (Borders/Icons/Chests/Keys/??) to those who reached a certain amount of elo. 2, Everyone maining one role ?? Yes, you read that right. Just close your eyes and forget the the selection of multiple roles, as well as the autofill system. Think about the increase in game quality of everyone always on their main role, a perfect fit for the ambitious queue that is ranked solo/duo. Imagine a world where every player on the ranked ladder mains one role. - You can select your main role (and change this potentially 2-3 times per week) on your profile. - You queue up for ranked and you WILL GET this role. No off-roles, no autofilled teammates. (For instance) you as an ADC main will have a support main, facing an other bot main duo to battle for superior synergy and gameplay. This will increase the gameplay quality, with every player on their most comfortable role every single match. I can already hear responses mentioning two respectable counter-arguments - I refuse to be restricted to one role, I want to play multiple roles in my ranked games (1) - The queue times will significantly increase due to the cut of autofill (2) (1) When I browse through the list of players in my division (fluctuating between low to high Diamond), or simply scroll through the top 200 players on this server, all I can see is people maining one role (sometimes only playing one to two champions on one off-role, which is negligible). My point is that if you, as a League of Legends player, love to play this game in a competitive setting, if you care about climbing the ladder to show your skill, if you care about improving your gameplay, get your best aspects to a higher level while minimizing your mistakes, if you look up to (a) professional player(s) or team and really all you have in mind is trying to be your best and are passionate about this game, that you will have no problem with this at all. Yes, what I'm trying to say is that the people who decline only main one role to excel at are not the players that are supposed to battle it out on the most competitive setting this game has to offer to its playerbase. (2) I believe that (at least up till master's division) in a addition to the increasing game quality, we can widen the standard deviation of MMR/elo points of the players selected for each game, to have more potential people to get matched with, resulting in lower queue times while maintaining a competitive game where every one is on their most comfortable role. Remember that there still are other queue's in this game for the people who are not as driven to improve, rank and prevail. [Other potential ideas] - Show elo gains on match history. - Create and select playlists of League of Legends music on client. - Ability to add and customize champion pool tabs for champion select. [Final notes] I would like to have you, the reader who made it all the way, to comment your own opinion on the ranked solo/duo system, how it should/would/could be. I encourage others to join in on a discussion creating more variation of well-thought, argumented opinions. Thanks for allowing me to spread my word, good luck in League as well as in your real life endeavors, Perçeval Tradition is the corpse of wisdom - Zed {{champion:238}}
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