Should Riot open threshold on diamond 5 0 lp?

Now after playing a lot of games in diamond 5 i cant seem to find the way away from d5-d3 elo cus its too huge of a leap to not eventually get inevitable lose cus of the various players that occure in this league, since we all know its a tilt elo and people tend to give up easy tilt easy and that results in afks,ints and others. Take the guy i posted picture about for example, hats down one of the best players i know , playing smart in positioning, map awarness and everything else that is 100% above diamond 5, has been stuck here for 2 months since season started. Now there are 2 ways to fix this from my standing point, either RIOT needs to strenghten ban progress, or they need to open the threshold on diamond 5 and let people drop to plat 1 and below. I believe most people are expiriencing same, better players managed to go up but its just impossible to rise naturally and improve with this kind of problem between p1-d4 elo.
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