People who don't surrender even if it's lost.

I'm probably not the only one, but if we are loosing since minute 10 because someone got afk after he fed 5 kills. And then no one surrenders at minute 20, am i the only one getting pissed? Because i wasted 40 minutes for a game which was complete shit since the person started feeding and then even went afk. Like why the hell,do you not want to surrender, almost all towers are destroyed, they are fed, we are only 4 and they even get baron and drake. Stop having such a bigass ego and surrender so people don't have to waiste their time for a pointless game. That's the biggest thing what pisses me off in this community, that they are stupid enough to not surrender even if the game is lost since more then 30 minutes. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Edit: Some people clearly didn't understood what i meant, i do not surrender if i see a chance of winning. If we are behind, but honestly guys. I see no reason to keep a 35 minute game ongoing if we lost 7 towers, got 1 afk who fed hard and the adc being toxic. I did won some games where i was behind, but please, for damn sake surrender if it's too late to win. The others are fed as hell and we are just 4 people with 2 towers left. It's ridiculous not to surrender at such state. OH and at the ones going "It's practise to play from behind" WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU PRACTISE THAT IN RANKED If you still think my point sucks then watch this: I follow this streamer/youtuber since long and he says it the same as i and how i meant it.
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