Silver vs Diamond normal matchmaking

Every 3rd game literally i get Diamond enemy team... last game : My team : - Unranked - Silver 1 - Gold 5 - Gold 1 - Silver 1 (me) --------------------------------------------------------- Enemy team : - Gold 4 - Unranked - Diamond 3 - Gold 4 - Diamond 4 ----------------------------------------- This is my ∞ post about how I get in team with Diamond players ofc its normal game but its so often and its boring ... if i do not get Diamond then i get Plat 4/5 .. its like there is no Silver or low Gold ppl in this game.. just its boring and Riot need to fix this. Yesterday in 3 games in row I had Plat/Diam in enemy team and my team just gold so boring.. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} I know its good to play with higher elo players and learn more but cmon every game is boring , they are bad at early game but in late we just cant do lot and there is no fun in this..
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