Zoe is too much nerfed!!!

In last patch (patch 8.4) some champions has got nerf,some buff.When I saw Zoe's nerf i was in shock.Im Zoe Main and i really love to play with Zoe.I knew Zoe will get nerf,but I didnt know Zoe will be too much nerfed. Nerf : A lot of changes. Most notably: Q damage down, minions no longer drop Teleport, E no longer refunds cooldown if it sleeps a champion, cleansing Drowsy now prevents Sleep. Ok, this one's a pretty big changelist. If you just want a TL;DR, we're nerfing the most frustrating parts of Zoe. First, Zoe's wave clear is good enough to frequently shove her lane in and roam—punishing the enemy mid laner with heavy poke damage if they try to follow. We're making wave clear one of Zoe's most notable weaknesses, meaning she'll have fewer opportunities to make use of her anti-champion strengths. Zoe's also getting to Sleep far too many targets, especially in teamfights where she's almost guaranteed to get her E cooldown reduction. Taking that refund away—and giving opponents better ways to remove Sleep—makes Sleep feel less unavoidable and brings her overall damage output down. Finally... Q - Paddle Star. Landing sleep into a long-ranged Q is Zoe's signature combo (and her largest source of damage), but even unsleeped targets are losing most of their health to one hit once Zoe has a few items. We're moving some damage into More Sparkles! and cutting a bunch more—the net result is about 20% less damage to the primary target at most points in the game. That's a lot of nerfs, and while Zoe is frustrating to play against, her win rate numbers aren't reassuring. We're bumping up her base health and passive scaling so she still has power, just less of the the "one-shot you with naked Q" levels she was sometimes reaching. This isn't an even swap: we expect Zoe to land on the weak side when 8.4 hits. But we'd rather hit as many frustration points as we can in one go and address power later, rather than continuing to draw the process out. Base Stats HEALTH 526 ⇒ 560 BASE ATTACK DAMAGE 56 ⇒58 This is a lot of nerfs and I hope Riot will do something.I need Old Zoe.I want Old Zoe,and I hope I will get Old Zoe. Thanks a lot!
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