"It's only your fault that you can't climb"

I honestly hate this saying. I know my own mistakes in my games, but when it comes to a point where I KNOW that i've lost the game because of my team and not the mistakes that I have made then it becomes painfully obvious that I'm getting matched with Idiots in my games and that I can't climb because matchmaking rips me a new one every time I queue up. Past 4 games have been a perfect example Ill try and keep this short: Game 1: Ezreal. - I win lane, i go 3/1 in lane and destroy the enemy laner I open the scoreboard to see every other lane is losing, so I think to myself okay, lets try carry this, i go on to do my rotations and get a kill on the fed Fizz after dying to him bot lane, later on my team constantly starts getting caught out because of lack of vision from the team with my blue trinket on cd all the time since i was warding every hotspot for traps, and my team were still getting caught somehow. Game ended with top, mid and jungle having a death count of 31, the support 8 and me 5. Game 2: Twitch. - Once again I win lane, leave lane and go roam after taking first tower, I start missing out on cs because the lane i let push in which is bot is constantly being farmed by my jungler even after telling him to stop. 20mins past my team is still farming in their own lanes not wanting anything to do with objective taking or winning at all, enemy laners farm up, scale and wreck us, Sion starts split pushing all game even with a 5 man push down mid. Game 3: Alistar. - lane is going great, I engage, Xayah who was obviously playing for the first time basically deals no damage since she hit nothing at all, we die, every other lane is losing game lost. Game 4: Xayah. - I win lane in terms of first tower and cs count, and had left lane with a score of 1/0/3, bare in mind that the game was pretty much in our favor with the exception of the fact that lee had taken all the kills in the game. Enemy Orianna rage quits. Team carries on split pushing or doing whatever they want getting cocky in the process knowing the game is won since it was 5v4. Lee carries on taking all the kills, while Yasuo starts farming up and start destroying our Gangplank. After many minutes of me telling my team to take an open inhib we take the open inhib and take out 3 people with the exception of Yasuo. Instead of taking tower and finishing the team decides to go for the Yasuo instead of the free win and by the time Yasuo almost died Soraka respawned and we got aced. Baron was taken. Yasuo got a quadra, lee took all the kills yet did nothing with them and we lost. So now, after reading all of these situation tell me. If im the one saying things "Lets group and take the open inhib its 5v4 dont let them scale." and noone listens, how is that my fault? How is it my fault that even after destroying my lane in 3 of 4 games I still lose because my team are uncapable of finishing a game or are uncapable of winning their lane or are uncapable of understanding the meaning of "group up" "lets finish" "win". Tell me, how is it my fault that every game that I play statistically I do way better than all of my team and most of their team and still lose the game. Please someone tell me, cause after around 500 losses im still confused how 70% of my losses have been my fault. I need some sort of advice on how to be able to carry 1v9 cause Im honestly most probably missing out on something.
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