The State of Azir

I've been wanting to main Azir for quite a while, and last week I took the step and started spamming him in the different queues. Azir is quite untouched for quite a while, and this is some of the reason I also wanted to pick him up. Being able to pick up a champion that will stay consistent is very important to me. {{champion:268}} The issue with Azir is that he is hardly consistent at all. The main problem with the champion is his dash and his ultimate. First off his dash: A idea that seems good but with too many aspects too it. It could be great if it specialized in one aspect, but instead it has so many aspects it falls short on all of them. It stops at the first champion hit. Azir "hardest" trick is supposedly the Shurima Shuffle. All Azir players wet dream is setting up a big ultimate that completely destroys the enemy team. His dash though, for some reason, has a part that completely disrupts the play, while at the same time can completely confuse the player, and ruin his position on the field. The dash also for some reason deals damage, which is very awkward when you combine it with his Q: Conquering Sands, and his W: Arise. I can't see a single scenario where you would like your soldiers to continue going when you stop yourself. I would much rather get out of range, and use soldiers from a distance. My suggested change to the ability is to remove the part of the abilty where when you hit a champion you stop and make a soldier. Instead it would be a nice tradeoff to not deal damage, go through the champion and spawn a soldier at the area where you went through a champion. {{champion:268}} The second issue which mentioned above with Azir is his ultimate ability. Many of the problems comes from his dash, but there are also a lot of problems which straight up are bugs. I won't go to in-depth on the ability, except saying that champions going past the ultimate with dashes should be looked at. Champions like Akali and Diana can for some reason dash past the wall even though it should be impassable. {{champion:268}} If you have any other issues with Azir I hope you post them as a comment below, and I also wholeheartedly invite to discussing the champ.
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