I think LoL should improve their match making system for Rank

LoL should implement two additional key drivers when they match players: 1) People playing first time characters should not be allowed to do so in a Ranked game -- that is what AI game training and Blind is for. LoL should require a minimum amount of points/experience for a character to be played in rank. This would make their match making system based on MMP more fair. 2) Also, everyone on the team should not lose the same amount of LP. The amount you lose should be based on how well you did. For an example, the person that fed the most would lose the most LP and the person that played the best would lose the least. Some system should be in place like this. For an example, perhaps make it based on extreme outliers +/- 3 x (K + A / D). If your within this range than the current system works well as played more or less the same. This would fix so many issues: prevent people from intentionally feeding, motivate good behaviour, reduce flaming and most importantly prevent people from purposely throwing games. What are your thoughts on this?
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