a slight tristana buff please?

now dont get me wrong, i think the champion isnt super weak or anything, i actually really enjoyed the buff where you get a W reset from a stacked E, but still, ive noticed quite a few times that ive had some difficulties playing her. here are the problems i found: 1. tristana is very snowball reliant 2. if you dont get at least 3 kills in lane youre going to be not very usefull in teamfights with lackluster damage. 3. if you die once in lane youre not going to be usefull unless the enemy throws really hard 4. shes got difficulties getting through tanks, wuitch hcampions like {{champion:96}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:203}} being the top dogs, shes really outmatched among the tank shredders what i would do with her: add some bonus effect on her q like a bit of percent hp damage, but not much, maybe 2-3 % at max rank. or i could be absolutely wrong nad just suck at the game
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