Same Old Question: Is there too much damage in the game?

Anyone else feels that they've pumped far too much damage into the game? More and more champions are able to obliterate targets in a fraction of time. Being gutted within less than 1 second leaves no chance for reaction time. No chance for skill. Honestly, the game is turning into a state of who blows up the other person first. What is the point of mechanics when people have insta-delete damage? Are we playing this champions for their gameplay or just for kills? Where is the game when there is no fight? Anyone else feeling like this? More champions have true damage available to them. More champions have incredible burst. Damage items also bring Lethality just nullifies armour even though armour is meant to counter damage items. Is the game just for spectacle now? Oooh, look at the pretty flashing lights on screen! Is that how we are nowadays that we can't even sustain enough attention span for more than a 3 second fight?
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