Let's make AP Udyr viable (in bronze and low silver)

I was doing some hard core thinking (and rolled Udyr in ARAM) and thought to myself "I'm bored, AP time." So this is sort of what I came up with, it needs optimizing A LOT. The main aim is to proc your Phoenix Stance quickly and allow you to use phoenix stance to burst meanwhile the other stances also proc your lich bane and help you chase down the foe and survive a fight. Standard Udyr stuff essentially but focussing more on a burst than tankiness. {{item:3115}} - This needs no explanation, but here's a quick run down: More attack speed means more damage, more AP means more damage, magic damage per hit means more damage. This item is perfection on AP Udyr. This sounds small but could work well with a high attack speed. {{item:3100}} - Spam stances to chase and burst. Pushes your phoenix stance to a 95% AP Scale with an extra +125% if you stay near the foe for 5 seconds. This means that in 5 seconds you do 220+% AP Scaling, probably closer to 270 if you get a second Lich Bane proc. {{item:3006}} {{item:3020}} - This is where things get difficult to think about. I personally think berserker's. {{item:3089}} - An essential AP item {{item:3110}} - Tankiness and CDR with some more mana to help spam your stances. {{item:3091}} - Combined with magic penetration, this might up your damage considerably. {{item:3135}} - No explanation needed {{item:3157}} - Straight AP and a small amount of armor with the Active to help you dive and jump into team fights. {{item:3285}} - Burst {{item:3116}} - Tankiness and a slow {{item:3001}} - Since you are in the enemy's face all the time, this would help out you and your team. Better choice than void staff IMO. {{item:3174}} {{item:3165}} - If you like to spam a butt tonne. {{item:3254}} {{item:3252}} - One does not simply escape from AP UDYR These are all the potential build items I think could work in no particular order.

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