Here is some diana buffs that well help her but will not break her at all

so lets all face it diana needs some help to become a good champion but from playing her alot i found out that there is some things that riot can change that well defntly help but will never brake her so here they are let me know what u know : ps : not all should be done these are the list of what riot can do im not saying they should do all of them 1 and 2 are the most important and what i want riot to do 1) increasing her R range by 50 or 75 this is needed cause her Q out ranges her R so u cant get to the dragon pit or the baron pit by r (maybe u can in baron but the drake pit u cant ) and also it will make the R Q combo much smoother 2) increase that attack speed and the range of the e with more levels the more the game gets longer the more useful gets dianas e so increasing the max attack speed to 100% and the radius of her e by a bit will make her more useful in fights where this is her weakness 3) increasing her mr and armor growth so she wont get blown up so easily in the late game (they did this to talon so there is no excuse for not to do it to diana and im pretty sure they did it to fizz too) 4) increasing the w shield ap scaling with points it well make her abit better in the mid and late game not by much its like 10 or 20 % 5) her R resetting a bit quicker just like katarena's e it will help with the combos 6) i think this will brake her but im not sure its not that great but R resetting on a kill this will be huge but it will make diana abit more mobile and it will make the player more keen to using her r to finish people of 7) putting an ad raito on an her q and r so that u can go ad and actually be good this i think will make diana one of the best champs just like akali but with a ton more counter play (this is just an extreme one but it can help ) anyway tell me what u think and why riot might not do them (dont make the argument that riot doesnt want to deal with how diana was broken her kit is way to simple to be broken at this stage of lol she will not be a problem if riot doesnt miss with her number but her kit like most of the changes i said)

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