PLEASE! Implement this to prevent champ-select trolling!

When someone declares his pick intent, his/her teammates shouldn't be able to ban that champion. This would just fix literally 1 third of my ranked games, so please! I'm sick of teammates target-banning my pick intent just because they don't like it or they want to troll! And it's not even an option to dodge if it's my promos... **Edit:** I've seen people arguing against it, and I just couldn't disagree more (although, I _am_ open to discussing it of you have a valid counter argument) The excuses I've seen so far: 1) They simply don't like seeing that champion 2) they assume the player will be bad 3) the champ is OP, and they don't want the enemy to have it So let's see: 1) congratulations on ruining someone else's day for such a poor reason, you could have just typed in chat that you don't like the champ, but you choose to be toxic and harmful for your own team instead... 2) congratulations on banning that Teemo main who can actually win the Pantheon matchup and then carry your team, now he's getting destroyed under his own tower because he has to play a champ with much less experience and it just so happened that the enemy picked a hard counter, he has every right to say you lost this game for him (and for yourself)... 3) good job, though, I'd have recommended typing in the chat "some pick him early and then swap please, I don't want the enemy to have that champ" instead, you know, it's less toxic, harmful and infuriating...
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