Riot, Arrogance and trying to insult everything isn`t an attractive charachter Trait.

Qiyana Special Interactions
Special/Hidden/Secret Interactions for the new Champion, Qiyana. Thanks to Riot Games for providing some of the assets in this video! Buy RP & help support the channel via the Amazon Affiliate Link: Shows all the specific first encounters etc Qiyana has.
>Quick Rant Seriously? Another arrogant ****head? Look Ego fits some charachters but when you add Ego and Arrogance together and put it on a spoiled brat it just feels unbearable to listen to. Aurelion Sol has might, power and wisdom. Egoism fits him cause he is litterally a Dragon capable of changing stars and galaxies and even then his ego isn`t annoying, it just feels like a part of his personality and he doesn`t go haywire on anything he sees (And its the main trait of Draven, he too doesn`t go insult everything). But this charachter just feels like an entitled kid that randomly got god powers and a magical weapon going ''Weeee Im an empress''. Also why do you have to add more ''Highly powerful ancient civilations'' and why do you have to add it to Shurima again, don`t we already have enough ''Ancient beings/civilations/items with tremendous power'' in the lore. Doesn`t the Shuriman continent feel full enough with all the Ascendeds, Darkins, Targoninans right near them, The Void, Taliyah etc. People actually like well writen and mature charachters despite how much you want to produce disney like or aggresivelly arrogant charachters, I would say compare the quality of Jhin to this but putting the artwork called Jhin in the same sentence as this writting nightmare would be a sin.
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