About jinx

I see jinx as adc weak from all points ,her stronger defence is just the attack , is you and the enemy most of the time , jinx as champion depends too much of how team play and need protection from support , problem is that if you want to be main on her problems appear , is not necessary easy to play , her e can be dodged easy by most of the enemy with flash or dashing skill or ultimates ,like r malphite , vi ulti , even if vi is going throught jinx e with her ulti ... Problem is that most of time when you run is hard to use e to block enemy because of the arm time , if you get too close is awfull again cause enemy could flash to kill you or to stunn ... Solution for this would be to add adrenaline passive after using e you would get movement speed , something like you get into place traps and run faster to escape is something like this as logic , you loss time to place that traps ... and loss time risking much .... secondly i would change her w act like an ability who can slow enemy even if it's behind minions ... ,like on all w distance you slow enemy and damage first unit , would be intresting to see such ability... ,when you want to engage with jinx!
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