Feedback on TFT

First of all not sure where the feedback is purpose to go, so sorry if I posted this the wrong place. :) Have to say I enjoy TFT a lot, so well done. - Sometimes champions get stuck and just stand doing nothing even though they are not CC'ed, that is slightly frustrating. - Some items seems slightly to powerful, especially the rageblade, even on none rangers, gunslingers this item is extremely good compared to all others. - Item droprate need to be slightly better balanced, as you can almost loose a game purely based on being unlucky, but I think this will become a serious issue when rank games starts and people have figured out most of the good setups. - Disable pings in TFT - Make the pirate build automatically pickup gold, its just annoying how it is now. Last the most important thing!! The UI is really not good, buying and selling champions is fine, but when it comes to items its a huge mess and need some sort of fast feedback option. Maybe make it so you can hold Ctrl or alt on an item so you can see what you can build with it. Also in the rounds where you can choose items, it would be nice if you could see which ones you already have on your team. Anyway fun game :)
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