Missions in Bot games. (Don't be lazy)

Now for a heads up. I have nothing against people trolling, afking, aiming to get missions or do their hella best to win the game the fastest they can in bot games. On that note, I want you guys who do kill missions, specially those missions that require you to get x amount of kills in 1 game to not act like a douche. I had a Jinx as teammate when I played bot just a moment ago, who were basically afking 70% of the time (Remember I got nothing against this in bot game), the problem was that every time I was about to get a kill she would flash and do her absolute best to NOT give me the kill. The moment I got my 4th Kill, the jinx who were basically afk on lane types "HEY, I NEED 8 KILLS FOR MISSIONS! I WILL LET YOU GET KILLS AFTER I GET 8 KILLS" And this triggered me, if you aim to complete a mission, but don't even want to try to put effort in getting the mission. She basically wanted me to get the enemy champions to 1 HP, CS them with CC ability, wait for Jinx to come back from her Alt-tab and then give her the kills cause she needs it for mission. This goes beyond what laziness is. The worst part is that SHE FLAMED ME for not helping her getting kills. I was acting all friendly and stuff, while she act like a complete douche, semi afk while doing mission. In the end she never got progress on the mission cause she only ended up with 4 kills. Even if I had given her 2 more kills before the game ended she wouldn't have gotten mission either way. If you want to complete missions, I don't care how you do it. Just don't expect other players who also play bot games for missions to help you. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}

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