Logging out without having to close client? No? Okay..

It's been requested since the old client, and its something that would make the usage of the client more convinient. For people that doesnt have a top tier computer, but even for a pretty decent computer, after closing the client, a few minutes of waiting is required before you can launch it again, otherwise it freezes. For me it happens a lot when im acting impatient. But yeah for the beloved Pro players and Streamers with their Pro computers its not a problem. But like, its not even hard to make. People complain about and ask for things that would take a lot, for example a completely new team of programers and such, but this is a simple job for the Client Developers. Just creating a shortcut for logging in, or even switch between saved accounts, and when it happens, the clent can relaunch. Sometimes, when I wanna log into another accout, by the time I get to logging in, I forget which account I wanted to log in, and then accidentally logging into another accoutn, and then I can start over. Lot of inconvinience. And dont tell me Riot is not aware of this issue, or not aware of the fact that most players have 2-3 accounts. And for people that are against having multiple accounts, I can tell you that I have a lot of friends in a lot of different ranks. I always have an account under lvl 30, and I have one in very low elo so that I can play with my friends, and its not smurfing because my highest rank account is Plat, the lowest is Silver 1, and I only play Solo Que on one account. So just make it so that we dont have to close and relaunch Client every time we wanna switch accounts. It takes a lot of time and there could be a much easier way if you cared about actualy community requests and not just drawing Lux skins to jerk off to.
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