"adc in 2017" - also a problem of botlane attitude?

example 1: you play a mage mid and your assassin enemy laner roams bot frequently, which is pushed up to enemy tower. your botlane frequently ignores multiple "missing" pings and danger pings from you, resulting in their obvious deaths. they don't blame their bad map awareness, their lack of warding and their bad timing, in fact they keep repeating their behaviour several times. no, instead they blame a squishy mage for not following assassins into the jungle. i'm not kidding. yesterday i played zed myself and also roamed myself. our plat vayne (lol, seriously plat?) threatened to report me because tf ulted botlane and killed her repeatedly. some are so entitled. not seeing their own mistakes gets them behind. example 2: people don't really want to support their adcs. now less than ever. i'm seeing so many trolls in botlane. they get no vision, they're not trying to help the adc, they play without gold income items, they steal farm and so on... of course their adc will fall behind and be useless. do you think those factors matter?
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