Could we please talk about the Prestige "skins"?

So, guys, i get that you're a company and you wanna make money and such.. but just why do you choose to keep SELLING golden chromas at such an expensive price rather than giving players a nice way of getting it ? I, for one, am sick of using so much money in games just to simply buy stuff, especially if it's something such as some "so called" skins since it's just not satisfying and expensive.. i would rather prefer getting them as proof of an achievement like playing the champion until 500k or hell even one million mastery points to get it instead of just paying.. but please, could we stop the milking of this goddamned trend? .-. Edit* Thanks to all the people that have expressed their opinions on this subject. The purpose of this post was mainly to discuss about how the situation is with the Prestige skins, what i -PERSONALLY- think that it could be and perhaps getting updates from people that found out things i don't know of about it. Please keep in mind that i'm not saying things should be like this or like that, i just want to express my opinion and to hear other people's opinions too and i appreciate anyone that takes part in this.
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