Please, RIOT, can we have the Shieldbomb back?

So, in [Patch 5.10]( Riot changed some stuff with Karma. And I hate it. Most importantly the removal of the damage on **RW **(tether) and **RE **(shielbomb). If you missed it - or don't wanna do the math - here is what they effectively changed on **RE**: __________________ ||**Old RE**| -> |**New RE**| |:--|:--:|:--:|:--:| |**Main Shield**| 110-390 (+80%) | -> | 110-410 (+80%) | |**AoE Shield**| 30-150 (+30%) | --> | 55-205 (+40%) | |**Damage**| 60-300 (+60%) | -> | 0 | ______________________ **25-55 (+10%)** better AoE shield for removing a damagespell close to Orianna's R. Sounds like a huge nerf to me! (Also the AoE value is mainly based on the **E** now, instead of on **R**. Which sucks.) **Shieldbomb **has been one part of Karma's identity since the beginning. She already lost her **[lvl6 abilities]**, her **[bait-passive]** and **[double-charge-ultimate]**. So why remove shieldbomb too? We already have a **LeBlanc**{{champion:7}} , who copies her base abilities and **Heimer**{{champion:74}} , who improves them. _ADDING_ an _OPPOSITE_ propperty to spells was what made Mantra outstanding compared to these two. > _Quick note on removing the damage on Mantra'd W / E - a goal here was to differentiate Karma's contextual decision making when selecting an ability to Mantra (super root? mega shield?), so we went down that path. _ Seriously? Mantra was interesting, because it offered 3 ways of applying damage and different utility: * **Q** -> Possibly highest/lowest damage and good slow. * **W **-> Medioce damage, but great heal. * **E **-> Safest AoE damage, and AoE shield/speed. Choosing between these 3 was hard at times, because you had to quickly judge how you could make the best out of both aspects. You could tell a new Karma player from an experienced one by how versatile he was with her Mantra. Now everyone spams RQ in lane, because it's simply the best. From a gamedesign perspective; doesn't this make Karma's laning phase more boring for both Karma and her opponent? Yes, I know, superficially _["Damage] OR [Utility"]_ sounds like a better contextual decision than _["damage & utility] OR [damage & utility"]_, but WHAT damage and WHAT utility - and how to make the best of it - was what gave her depth. * **Pre 5.10:** How do I hit as many allies and as many enemies as possible? Is it better to protect my tank and hurt the allies or help my mates catch up? Do I shield my ADC and burst the assasin in his face? * **After 5.10:** Do I need AoE protection and speed? So, which one is the more _interesting_ contextual decision? > _"Additionally, removing damage on R-E means we can up the ante on Gathering Fire's cooldown reduction without seeing Karma throw out a Mantra'd E every 6 seconds in clumpy team fights."_ A Karma that manages to properly place her RE in a teamfight, that manages to protect her allies effectively AND STILL hits enough people to reduce the cooldown for another use.... this is actually pretty skillful and SHOULD be rewarded. If this becomes overbearing, just adapt the CD of Mantra. Rewarding good plays, punishing missplays? Also, this would be lategame we are speaking off, a point where Karma is falling off anyways, especially in damage. If this (clumped teamfights/diving protection) isn't the point at where she is supposed to prevail, where else? # So, _RIOT_, please: # Give us shieldbomb back! **PS:** Please upvote if you want RIOT to see this. If you disagree with a point, please let me know!
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