/remake option is set too early!

since they put the remake option, my games have been remaking on me being afk way too often. around 10+ times so far and it is getting sick and boring. yes my pc is fairly slow and it sometimes may bug splat or dc during a loading screen and ill usually come back at the 3rd/4th minute mark, there has been 3 or 4 times where my team would make a remake exactly when i would reconnect to the game. i've had a lower priority queue once every second day. now im not saying they should remove the remake option, but at least set it somewhere between 5-10th minute mark and also make it available for use in the late game since there are people that have gone afk somewhere at the point of 30-40th minute and its frustrating that you played that long (especially if you're wining) and then someone goes afk before a fight and u lose that as 4v5 and your nexus is destroyed. just getting my frustration out since this is sort of unfair!
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