Should Nasus get nerfed (possibly reworked)?

I mean, come on guys.. That thing is impossible to play against. I'm not a top laner, I play it sometimes when I get filled there. Anyhow, I played against Nasus with three different champs Pantheon, Talon and this new Urgot. Every time I own him in lane, had 3/0 with all three champs. Suddenly he comes out of nowhere BOOM. NO FRICKIN WAY I CAN DO ANYTHING IN LANE. He pushes me under the turret, sometimes simply walks down and kills me under it. I just can't do anything. I know I'm supposed to prevent him from farming and that's exactly what I do. If I see that I have advantage in trades I just go all in on him. But then his jungler comes, sometimes kills me, sometimes he just shoos me under my turret, and allows him to collect stacks. Next thing I see the 0/3 Nasus is 7/3 with 200cs and killing 2 out of 4 people in a 1v4 Let's be honest, how is that fair? You absolutely don't need any skill to gain power for late game. All you have to do is find a way to safely last hit minions with your Q. COME ON RIOT! We are level 30 now! Everybody knows how to last hit goddamn minions? Collect as much stacks as you can, build full tank and go H.A.M. on everybody What am I supposed to play to beat this guy?
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