So no one gonna talk about how BROKEN Veigar is ??

Yo wtf ??! People been always saying nerf this champ nerf that, but no one ever mentioned Veigar {{champion:45}} . Veigar is freaking OP he's too strong he got cheap skills I played many games against Veigar and also as Veigar and this champ is hellaaa broken like once he get 2 kills or 3 kills he will be able to one shot anyone in early game and later on is even worse. I remember one time playing as Veigar I got 2 kills in game from my enemy mid and I rkt the entire enemy team later on starting from the jungler to the top and bot just using Veigar without the help of my team. And pretty much the same thing happens whenever I play against him, once I get stunned and he hit me with magic thing that falls from the sky IM DEAD in **IN ONE HIT** matter fact anyone who's in the same zone with me gets killed and also if you tried to chase him he can simply escape using that big a$$ stun circle. He's in my top 5 hardest champion to gank it's not even easy to get to him all Veigar play gotta do to save himself is click E and move under tower. Cheap Champion Riot Nerf this champion {{champion:45}} he got TONS OF DAMAGE it's like Zoe and Illaoi had baby and their you got Veigar damage. For real nerf him

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