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Please explain these two situations to me: Situation A: I build Black Cleaver, My Mid builds it as well. Now, him and I start auto attacking an enemy with a 100 armor; after we both do 6 autos for the full stacks, how much armor will the enemy have have left? Is his armor reduced by 24% (that is 76% left) or 48% (that is 52% left)? Situation B: I have Mortal Reminder, My mid has Morellonomicon. Now, him and I start attacking an enemy with 20% life steal (say an ADC with Bloodthirster), what would be the percentage of life steal left for him? Would his life steal be reduced by only 40% (that is 12% left), or by 80% (that is 4% left)? What if both of us build Bramble Vest or Thornmail? Or are these calculations all wrong and these issues are calculated differently? Thanks
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