How does pyke deal with vel'koz's high amounts of true damage?

Basically the title. i've just had a game where i was pyke support(being extremely new to him too) against a vel'koz support. The idea behind true damage is to build a lot of HP, but that's not possible with pyke. so building a lot of MR wasn't a viable option either because they had a pretty fed adc, and he's done mostly true damage to me all the game... Based around the fact that pyke is a front liner... how does one deal with the high amounts of true damage vel'koz outputs? when i got caught he finished me off within a second... This game was particularly unfortunate because they had an amumu and they just wombo combod us to death... And a good ole' "don't get caught" answer... is generally not what i'm looking for. I do understand that the possibility is none because he's a complete counter, but meh, I'd like to hear some thoughts.
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