Cursed Capsules pretty disappointing.

So, I had the choice to buy Pulsefire Shen straight up, or try my luck with the event loot. And of course, house always wins. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but I don't think the "epic or higher" skin shard is honestly randomized. With the two I've bought, I've gotten a shard for Dragonslayer Xin Zhao twice, of those, more lesser skins. So, I've officially spent 10 euro for Bewitching Nidalee. I understand the percentage way of things, but could someone explain truly how the rarity are given out? For example, chance to obtain. Can someone explain exactly the chance? I'm being serious, no joke; I've gotten Slayer Jinx, Firecracker Jinx and Star Guardian Jinx back to back in normal chests. I even got Omega Squad Teemo a few weeks ago from normal chests! But chests I buy, be it event, normal or masterwork; seem to be less rare in comparison. Along with this, please notice how chests gotten from S ranks, missions, events and paid for never stack with each other. Meaning they're different chests, meaning different items. Meaning different percentages?
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