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Ok guys first of im not native speaker so please excuse any mistakes i'm doing. So I played a little arround in the preaseason patch which added the BE instead of IP and after some weeks and with the release of Zoe{{champion:142}} I came to think that something is missing. And it was BE to buy Zoe although I was playing more active then ever because I actually enjoyed the new runes. So I sat down and calculated some basic values: * first off; average XP earned : i had 16 normal games in my match history of which 3 had the daily bonus MY average came to arround **286,7 XP per game** (I think it's a rather strong one you can still calculate your own) * second; the XP needed to level up: for me currently from lvl 35 to 36 its **2784 XP** (I think it's only increasing every 25 levels, not sure though) * third; games needed to level up: pretty straight forward i need arround **9,7 games to level up** * fourth; value of level ups: opening the capsule gained from level ups gives you **810 BE** in shards or some in BE directly * fith; lvl ups needed for a new Champ: Im going with **6300 BE** here so thats **7,777**... lvl ups * almost final one; games needed to level up _times_ level ups needed for 6300 BE = **75,5** (MY games needed to get 6300 BE) * to finish this all off multiplying this with an average game length of **30 min** I need **37,76 hours** of ingame time for 6300 BE I honestly feel let down by Riot and pushed towards buying RP or boosters (yes xp boosters will now almost directly increase your ingame currency). And yes if you just play 1-3 games a day and don't really mind not having all champs the daily bonus is pretty good but if you play more then that you are not getting rewarded. But I don't want to play for almost 38 hours to get just one Champion. And I can't get them in another way since rerolling three Champion Shards into Champion permanent is also gone and i cant buy a mystery champion since i'm only missing on 5 Champs just feels like a punch into the face.{{sticker:sg-shisa}} Anyway I hope Riot listents to their community and takes a step back and gives us BE after every game or at least adjusts the value of level ups! Keep in mind that these are my current results which includes my skill, my game length (thus xp outcome thus leveling up faster thus getting BE faster (god this chain is increadibly long{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} )) and so on Feel free to comment your thoughts and start a discussion so Riot will hopefully change!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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